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Charges finally pressed against 42 over the Rana Plaza Collapse

Afters more than a couple of years passed by, authorities have finally pressed charges against 42 people over the Rana Plaza factory disaster which took the life of more than 1200 victims, making hundreds orphans and many thousands critically injured

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Earthquakes Shake Vulnerable Garment Factories

The Recent tremors felt by Bangladesh following the earthquakes in Nepal and North and Northeastern India has left the capital city Dhaka in the grip of fear and uncertainty. Among all fears and uncertainty, the vulnerable workers of garment factories

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A Sea of Tribulations – The Tortured Tears of Rana Plaza

Surpassing the Triangle Shirtwaist Factory fire on March 25, 1911, Rana Plaza stands today as the biggest industrial disaster in recorded history with over 1200 deaths and thousands of injured, including hundreds of amputees, thousands of physically disabled, thousands suffering deep mental

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Lest We Forget, 24 April

Today, suddenly, almost 1200 lives were lost, all in a moment. Thousands were injured, so critically, and so shocking were their experience, that many committed suicide and succumbed to their injuries. Today is the second year after the Rana Plaza

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RISE and PerspectieF find Jack&Jones in Rana Plaza Rubbles

On 27 August 2014 RISE Society met the PerspectieF team from the Netherlands visiting Bangladesh. The PerspectieF team represented the youth wing of the ChristenUnie Political Party from the Netherlands, and the spirited youths were interested to visit garment workers

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The Sad First Anniversary of Rana Plaza

Exactly one year ago, we received a call from one of our friends in Savar that a building is collapsing with a very loud noise. We were surprised, “what building is it?” we asked, and she replied “its some Rana

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As the dreaded day appears, Rana Plaza Aftermath

24 April 2014 will see exactly one year since the dreaded Rana Plaza building collapse which saw more than a thousand dead and several thousands injured among whom hundreds were crippled for life. Since the tragedy came to pass there

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