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New Factory Fire Shatters The Illusion Of Safety

The fire at the Matrix Sweater Factory is special. It is special despite the fact the previous fires have claimed lives and this one (fortunately) didn’t. The 6000 workers of this factory narrowly escaped certain fatalities due to an accident

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Factory Fire in Gazipur – Casualties Uncertain

Fire rages on as Dignity Textile Mills Limited remains engulfed in flames since yesterday, melting its steel frame, and heating up to such an extent that fire fighters are finding it hard to extinguish this mess. As per the National

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13 Dead In Mirpur Styrofoam Factory Fire

After a fire in a Styrofoam factory in Dhaka’s Mirpur Section 1 on 1 February 2015, 13 people have been confirmed dead. The six storied APCCO Complex went ablaze after an explosion around at 5 PM in the evening. According

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The Crucial Right To Justice – Bangladeshi Garment Workers

The Bangladeshi Garment Industry has shown remarkable resilience over the years with strong growth in times of global financial hard times. Some of the industry’s success is credited to its focus on low end garment whose demand remains strong in

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Tazreen and now … the fire of injustice

On the 24th of November this year 2014, we had the second anniversary of a fire that shook the world’s conscience. For those who didn’t wake up, a bigger disaster followed soon, namely “The Rana Plaza Tragedy”, with the number

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The Eid Festival for Workers – Uncertainty, Pain, Death, Wait … vain.

Just when it probably was the time to make joyous wishes and forget the recent poignant memories of painful events in Bangladesh’s most labor intensive industries, today on 05 October 2014, a fire broke out originating from the gas cylinder

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Another Life Lost – Gazipur Factory Fire

One life has been confirmed lost and more than 4 others injured at the fire that originated on 28 September 2014 in a yarn dyeing factory named Mega Yarn Dyeing Mills Limited in Gazipur. The victim, Anwar Hossain, was an

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