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Charges finally pressed against 42 over the Rana Plaza Collapse

Afters more than a couple of years passed by, authorities have finally pressed charges against 42 people over the Rana Plaza factory disaster which took the life of more than 1200 victims, making hundreds orphans and many thousands critically injured

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Lest We Forget, 24 April

Today, suddenly, almost 1200 lives were lost, all in a moment. Thousands were injured, so critically, and so shocking were their experience, that many committed suicide and succumbed to their injuries. Today is the second year after the Rana Plaza

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BGMEA Owners Agree on 5300BDT Minimum Wage. Unrests continue …

After a lot of rejections from BGMEA, yesterday on 13.11.13, the BGMEA agreed on 5300BDT (68USD/50Euro) to be the minimum wage for garment workers in Bangladesh who have been demanding the wage to be at least 8000BDT. They also declared

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Minimum wage proposal rejected by all, pressure on the minimum wage board to reconsider

After massive protests, and some of the Bangladesh’s biggest rallies in history for the 8000BDT minimum wage for garment workers; the Minimum Wage Board 2013 declared its suggestion for 5300BDT as the minimum wage decided on a 4 to 2

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Minimum Wage Under the Clout of Question and Rejection

Moshrefa Mishu’s Garment Workers’ Unity Forum (GWUF) along with 12 other federations has rejected the proposed minimum wage of BDT 5300 agreed upon by the representatives of the garment workers and the Government in the Minimum Wage Board. Moreover, BGMEA

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Minimum Wage Gets Fixed at 5300BDT (50Euro/68USD); factory owners refuse to recognize

On Monday 4 November 2013, at the 9th meeting of the minimum wage board fixed the minimum wage at 5300BDT (including food allowance), which however was opposed by the BGMEA (Bangladesh Garment Manufacturer’s and Exporter’s Association) representatives who pressed forward

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The Bangladesh Labor Law (Amendment) Bill 2013 Passed in the Parliament

Bangladesh Labor Law (Amendment) Bill 2013 was passed on Monday 15 July 2013 in the National Parliament here in Bangladesh. The new law has seen amendments to a total of 87 sections of the Labor Act 2006. The bill came

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