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Research Initiative for Social Equity – RISE Society

For any kind of inquiry, please drop an email to: info[at]risebd[dot]com

(due to spammers! We are using suffixes to camouflage our “@” and “.”. We request you to replace [at] by ‘@’ and [dot] by ‘.’ in our email addresses provided; we are sorry for this inconvenience.)

We will try our level best to respond to your query within 48 hours of its receipt.

Thank you.


2 comments on “Contact Us
  1. Dr Salma Begum Rahman says:

    Hi! I am a Labor Economist interested to conduct some quantitative research on effects of minimum wage increase in the garments sector. Would appreciate if you could reply and contact me at

  2. Thank you for your site. I have some new research on construction workers (South Africa) at

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