Social Movement for:

• Improving work conditions
• Improving trade conditions
• Creating awareness
• Building a cooperative network
• Formulating Fair transactions
• Research and resource support

Building Alliances united in Action It is important to join hands towards solving problems that impede progress of humanity due to economic and social challenges that face us. Networking at individual and institutional level is important to achieve positive outcomes for all.

Protection of Livelihood Deprived and isolated communities as well as floating communities are still a painful part of the human social fabric. It is a concern that must be held very important for all of us and RISE recognizes it.

Environmental Concerns Climate change and the environment are no more just national issues. These phenomena does not heed the man made laws and boundaries. They are an international concern and must be dealt together for common good. To learn about climate change and how it affects people and how people are impacting the environment is an area where RISE aims to work. Trade, work and health are all dependant on this critical.

Decent Work and Quality of Life It is a known fact that as economic prosperity begins, it brings with itself many interesting changes. For developing and new industrialised countries, it has brought the impoverished and helpless people into the labor force. However, their rights need to be ensured, and their health need to be looked after. If work does not improve quality of life, an economy eventually sinks to unstability and thus increasingly becomes unsustainable.

Research and Project Management Failing to plan is planning to fail! Many projects fail even if they had good intentions attached to them. RISE looks into matters with information, understanding and knowledge on ground to assist such initiatives towards success.

We believe that every action must be preceded and supplemented by adequate ground work through research and investigation.


1. To bring together networks and initiatives which are in the interest of the people and addresses genuine causes of the issues protecting the rights of the people.

2. To stand beside the oppressed people and to mobilize support for them.

3. To check on human rights violations and assemble people, gather opinion and work towards mitigating the causes locally and globally.

4. To build up national and international solidarity for the rights and progress of the people.

5. To advocate for a pro-people and sustainable development measure that protects ecology and saves the resources and environment from exploitation and thus widen up scopes for the people to live their desired lives.

6. To work towards water security particularly in view of ever-increasing scarcity of pure drinking water, that is, denuding faster due to a number of factors including pollution, arsenic contamination and deep penetration of saline water from sub-surface level to deep aquifer.

7. To bring up issues and undertake lobby, advocacy and reseach over projects which are not coherent and conducive to laws, ecology and erodes away the livelihood options of the people.

8. To carry out thorough investigation, research and organize people through campaign, lobby and so on regarding any plan, projects and initiatives which are not benefiting the people.

9. To strive for trade balance and investigate opportunities to achieve that.

10. To work towards advocating equitable share of resources and profit in MNC and other giant corporations. Investigate labor rights in such organizations and to see if the labor is getting a fair percentage.

11. To address the issues relating to industrialization, agriculture and land reform and work towards mobilizing people for natural resource management.

12. To highlight the issues relating to excluded communities, ethnic minorities, economically and socially vulnerable groups.

13. To cooperate with like minded students and researchers in finding innovative ideas to solve economic, social and environmental issues that affect all.

14. To analyze health and education policies taken up by private, public or donor agencies.

15. To promote training of youths and children of creating sustainable clusters which can act as models for others to follow.


We are working with

• Interviews
• Transcripts
• Collecting Primary and Secondary data
• Data analysis
• Designing Research

• Project Management and Coordination
• Monitoring
• Project cum research
• Preparing Reports
• Designing project

Improvement proposals
• Audit firms
• Going for audits ourselves
• Designing Audits

• Study
• Analysis
• Find gaps
• Suggest ideas
• Progress report

• Analyze New Techniques
• Ethics Training
• Meditation
• Training village and street school instructors
• Designing school plans

As more new ideas rush into the planet to work diligently to erase injustices and the bondage of ignorance, we are also looking into those new thoughts and are very interested to listen from friends who have one!

Lets work together for a better tomorrow!

The RISE Team.

4 comments on “Activities


  2. momin says:

    wonderful jobs.

  3. M.M.Mainuddin says:

    I like to congratulate the initiatives that are taken for ensuring the rights of working class people of Bangladesh

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