About RISE

As the world progresses towards a more globalised system where every economy is linked with the other, industrialisation and its impacts cannot be confined to one geographic location which has little to do with the problems and issues of another nation. Although we may have many critical views on globalisation, its impact is ever increasing and can in no way be ignored. The journey towards modern ethics and sustainability consistently continue to be a thrilling tale of international moral, ethical and legal challenges.

We, at RISE Society, are mainly concerned about Human Rights, which includes workers in the many labour intensive industries which provide manufactured goods to its consumers world wife. We explore and investigate the supply chain behaviour and how responsibility is perceived by its various stake holders. We bring the voice of the poverty stricken communities who remain at the bottom of the supply chain, in need of better economic models to attain social progress and justice.

Our concentration remains on research and analyze models which pursues a sustainable form of trading, development and management that would benefit every life on earth including every element which sustains it, while at the same time work in favor of communities being denied their access to knowledge and education due to persecution or economic constraints.

This website is meant to give updates and other news about industrial workers, their achievements, and the progress of the factories which drive economies and livelihoods of these people, while at the same time drive the global consumer economies. We activities give a platform for workers to speak about their issues and reach the ears of those on top of the chain – the consumers.

We share resources of current and relevant incidents which can motivate us to think and ponder upon solutions or analyze their details for understanding the progress of our economic and social journey and/or learn from it.

We are guided by the following focus:

  • Goal: Paving the way for social equity.
  • Mission: Supporting and creating awareness and participating in development drives through journalism, monitoring, researches, campaigns and policy advocacy.
  • Our Vision: Sustainable development of industrialization with regards to the environment and social equity.

Please check the F.A.Q.: https://risebd.com/2013/02/25/what-exactly-is-rise-society-anyways/

We encourage inquiries from interested individuals, organizations or societies,

RISE Society.



  • web: http://www.risebd.com [Go to: HOME > On the right hand see “Follow” > Enter your email address and click “Follow” > Confirm by pressing accept in your confirmation email to get updates of human rights and development issues from Bangladesh]
  • twitter: @RISESocietyBD [Follow us on twitter]

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