Wage Protest Continues at Home Stitch Designs Ltd.

It has been 5 days since workers of Home Stitch Designs Limited are protesting against the management of their factory for not paying their rightful wages or overtime since the last two months.

The protest started on 31 March 2015 when workers started protesting against their factory owner infront of the BGMEA building, demanding a payment of their 2 month due wage with overtime.

Protesting Workers at Homestich Design Limited

Protesting Workers at Homestich Design Limited

In face of the protests, the BGMEA held a meeting with Home Stitch Design’s management and promised a resolution on 2 April 2015. However, as 2 April 2015 came forth, and with no resolution in sight, workers took to their factory and surrounded it. They started a sit in protest with the factory Managing Director Mr. Aziz blocked inside his factory.

After such a long blockade (which continues into today, 5 April 2015), and strong protest from the 500 strong workers of the factory, the BGMEA along with the factory manager promised the workers their payments on 4 April 2015. On 4 April 2015, workers who arrived to take their payments found that the payments were only for one month of work, whereas the demand was the full payment of the two months work the workers have put into their factory along with their rightfully earned overtime payment. Not only have the workers not been paid fully and fairly, but the mid level staff members of the factory have also been denied of their two month worth payment of wages.

The workers, employees along with every protesting righteous groups and individuals have echoed the demands of the workers who are still in protest against the shameless action of their factory management and the BGMEA in denying the rightful wages of workers who in fact live impoverished lives and are exploited frequently and severely.

RISE Society.

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