Tazreen and now … the fire of injustice

On the 24th of November this year 2014, we had the second anniversary of a fire that shook the world’s conscience. For those who didn’t wake up, a bigger disaster followed soon, namely “The Rana Plaza Tragedy”, with the number of dead equaling (or in some cases exceeding) casualty counts of that of war zones.

The picture that came out from the Bangladesh Garment Industry since Tazreen were grim – to say the least. A moment of silence now seems too insignificant to express ones sorrow and shame.


Tazreen Fashions Limited (part of the Tuba Group), has a haunting silence during the daytime, a time when workers are usually busiest.


The Tazreen Inferno and the subsequent compensation scheme [1] by C&A together with Li&Fung was a welcome relief to suffocating circumstances of injured victims and their families, as well as orphans and families of the 124 dead found till the last count. A further much needed respite now seems to become a reality soon with the new compensation boost that C&A has expressed its intent to commit itself [2]. However, while the compensation process still remains ongoing, a great insult to the workers already came in the form of Delwar Hossain’s bail on the back of desperate workers from another one of his factory who ironically still remain without their festival bonuses.

While Tazreen remains a challenge of justice to the workers and against the criminal negligence of its owner, it also remains under the spotlight displaying the criminal ignorance of brands which are yet to pay their dues for the workers whose lives have been ruined.

The struggle continuous for Tazreen,

RISE Society



[1] https://risebd.com/2013/12/19/kalponas-tazreen/

[2] http://www.industriall-union.org/tazreen-victims-set-for-compensation-on-second-anniversary-of-tragedy



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