Workers in Savar Strike For Wage

Workers of CPM Knit Composite Limited in Savar, the northern outskirts of Dhaka, went on protest this morning for their wages from the month of January 2014. As minimum wage 2013 still remain unimplemented in almost half of all the garment factories, unrest for wages are erupting and promises given by management to quickly adjust with new wages are going empty.

As the strike went on from the morning, at least 200 workers went on towards violent demonstrations through breaking windows and pelting stone at about 11:00AM; 15 workers were injured during their clashes with police as they rushed in to stop the protesting workers with baton. Later, the Ashulia Industrial Police came in equipped with riot gear, firing rubber bullets at the agitated workers who were in turn pelting stones at them.


labor strike

labor strike


The workers claimed that the management shut the factory in face of workers’ demonstration on February 14 and announced that the workers should clear the factory premises in three days. They went to the unit to collect their salary yesterday as declared by the authorities but the workers found the factory gate closed.

The workers gathered in front of the factory this morning and resumed the demonstration for their dues which remain unpaid since January 2014, the first pay month for the new minimum wage.


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2 comments on “Workers in Savar Strike For Wage
  1. Shamsheer Ali says:

    As long as justice and equity is not ensured such strikes will always occur, This situation is not helpful for any party.

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