Soheil Rana gets bail – will the murderer slip away from justice?

The infamous Soheil Rana, owner of Rana Plaza, was given bail today on 23 March 2014 by the High Court. Rana Plaza was the work place of more than 3600 garment workers housing 4 garment factories which collapsed on 24 April 2013. At least 1136 lives were lost in this catastrophic incident while thousands were critically injured for life.

The court granted Rana a six-month bail in the case filed by RAJUK. Md Helal Ahmed, an official of the Capital Development Authority in charge of Savar Model Thana, filed the case after the devastating collapse.

Rana’s father Abdul Khalek, also an accused in RAJUK’s case, was granted bail by the High Court in September 2013. Those accused in the case may get up to two years in prison if the court finds them guilty of the charge.

The owner of the faulty commercial building is also accused, along with five others, in another case filed by Savar police Sub-Inspector Wali Ashraf Khan on April 25 for causing deaths by negligence. They worse they can face may be life imprisonment if charges are proven.

It is to be noted that Mr. Soheil Rana is very well connected with Bangladeshi Politics, and there have been claims with evidence about his association with the Ruling Party in Bangladesh. In such a scenario were garment owners are known to get political impurity, some fear that a political muscle man who always felt being above the law might slip away from justice once again.

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One comment on “Soheil Rana gets bail – will the murderer slip away from justice?
  1. Shamsheer Ali says:

    Not surprising…This is politics …

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