One Year Passes Since The Tazreen Factory Fire In Bangladesh …

Exactly one year ago today the night sky lit up red, screams started filling up Nischintapur … then Savar … then Dhaka … when finally it filled up the whole of their homeland – Bangladesh. These screams were of a helpless group of people toiling hard day and night in a fashion wear production factory known as Tazreen Fashion Limited; they were trying to earn a meager living with which they would barely be able to feed themselves and their family.

Since 24 November 2012, the painful scream from Tazreen Fashion has echoed across the Globe, uniting activists and researchers with the consumers and victims of Tazreen itself.

rise tazreen

While C&A and Li&Fung came forward with some form of compensation for the Tazreen Fashion Factory Fire victims and their families/orphans, other international brands who were also similarly into that factory are yet to compensate victims who have worked till death for them to be rich. The effort of C&A towards paying the injured victims their salary till the time they have no other source of income while Li&Fung’s support towards education of the orphans have been supported by people across the national and international arena including RISE Society which supported the effort by updating the list of victims for the compensation program which would ultimately give some relief to the workers who have literally been distanced by the expensive Fashionable Brands who these very same workers helped make rich.

RISE in close coordination with other local NGOs and International NGOs have compiled together a list of 125 dead and hundreds injured (125 reached) who need support (there are others with healed minor injuries or no injuries who are back earning for themselves); many among these victims suffer from neglect, inadequate and inconsistent support/compensation from both the BGMEA (which paid victims on behalf of the Tazreen owners: their 2 month worth salary for those who worked under one year, and 3 month work basic salary who worked for more than a year) and the government; it is clear that a bleak future with the burden of their costs on medication and family await those who need to live further than what a handful wishes can secure.

Delwar Hossain (the owner of the factory) is still roaming free and using his billions to buy luxury and lobby for his immunity from justice. The voice for justice, however, have only got louder!

For Peace through JUSTICE,

RISE Society.

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2 comments on “One Year Passes Since The Tazreen Factory Fire In Bangladesh …

    Congratulation for every GARMENTS and KNITTIG WORKERS.

    We are very sorry for savar and ashulia’s bad condition.
    But now everythig would be ok.
    I wish all of worker on savar and ashulia they must be start their work very soon.

    MALIK-SHROMIK relation should be a good relationship.

    I am proud because i was born BANGLADES.
    I am also proud because i am work a garmets in BANGLADESH.

    I can say loudly that

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