Liberty Fashion Workers In Protest!

Hundreds of workers have gathered around Liberty Fashions Wears in Savar protesting against the management for their unpaid wages. These wages date back to the month of July 2013 (according to workers requesting anonymity) and were supposed to be paid by the 10th of August 2013; it has not been paid till date – with the festival holidays on their doorsteps, workers demand immediate payment or threaten to increase the magnitude of the protests happening right now in Savar, around Liberty Fashion Wears. 

It also must be noted that the wage of the factory staff is due for 3 months beginning from July 2013, while the wage of the workers is due for two months beginning from August 2013. Their festival bonuses are due as well. With the Bangladeshi Garment Workers being the lowest paid in the world, this denial of payment is tantamount to torture by starvation for workers of a factory which claims to be making for top European brands which constitute 75% of its production, apart from TESCO which pulled out on the 15 June 2013 claiming structural damage of the factory building, but also offering to support the factory and encouraging them to pay the workers their dues.[1]


Meanwhile, the factory posted a sign informing the workers to get back to work. However, as RISE Society reported earlier many times to  in its website (During June-July 2013) and personally to international organizations about this issue where the workers claimed having no information on payment[2]. These workers claim that they did not yet get any confirmation that they will even be paid today. Till now, no factory managers have been present. Till 1 PM today, no representative of the Brands were present either.

The industrial police are on site and some of those present in that area perceive that there is significant potential for an unfortunate and undesirable conflict, which as per the past will only damage property and even result in wounding ordinary workers who are already aggreived. It must also be noted that till now the protest is of a peaceful nature and the workers are still at the spot, guarded by industrial Police.

On 30 September 2013 owners of Liberty Fashion Wears along with the representatives from the BGMEA held a press conference on this issue, stating that buyers had unethically and irrationally closed down factory production. The factory owners claimed that the safety report had been fabricated and that the Bangladesh University of Engineering Technology should recheck the building. The owner also suggested that even after TESCO had taken away its orders, other European buyers were still producing in their factory. The press conference also reiterated that in its inspection report, the BGMEA stated: “As per visual engineering judgment, the Liberty Fashion building is safe for operating garment activities.” During this press conference, the BGMEA president Atiqul Islam also said: “We talked to the Accord over the issue, but could not reach any solution.” [3]

The protest have seen members of the several International Organizations (e.g. CCC and WRC), Trade Unions of Bangladesh, Local NGOs, Local Activists and like minded people come together.

As it has been from the beginning of 15 June 2013, we echo the concern of all like minded organizations, activists and workers to urge the factory to pay workers and staff their due wages, which they have earned through their sweat and labor. The opression of workers around the globe must stop, and it can only stop when humanity intervenes and buyers as well as their manufacturers talk in terms of improving the situation and not abandoning it.

We urge buyers, manufacturers, workers and labor right and study organizations, unions and consumers to make a move and share this message across their networks and come forward to make a difference. A difference which extends far beyond the borders of Bangladesh, but across the world where exploitation still occurs systematically.


In Solidarity and in Protest against any form of injustice,

The RISE Society.





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