4 Construction Workers Die In Consequtive Days Falling from Buildings in Dhaka.


On Monday 26 August 2013 two construction workers were fell to their death from the rooftop of a 12-storey under construction building at Tikatuli, Dhaka. Later again on Tuesday 27 August 2013, two more construction workers died falling from another 11 storied building at Wari, Old Dhaka.

The accidents occurred due to lack of safety precautions taken by the construction company making highrise buildings amidst an overcrowded population within the capital city, risking both the masons and the pedestrians walking dangerously close to the construction site, an appalling reality visible almost everywhere with high rises mushrooming up across the city to accommodate the increasing population made up of job seekers from all across Bangladesh.

The deceased in Tikatuli have been identified as two males by the name of Habib and Kaiser. The deceased in Wari have been identified as two males named Habib and Minhaj. All of them where in their late teens or early twenties.

The construction in Tikatuli slipped and fell to the ground when they were working standing on a makeshift platform around 10:00am, their co-workers said. The victims were rushed to Dhaka Medical College and Hospital where they succumbed to their injuries later.

The construction workers in Wari were standing on a temporary bamboo-made platform and laying laying bricks on an outer wall of the building, when suddenly the duo slipped and fell to the first floor of the building. Both were at first taken to the Dhaka Medical Hospital with critical injuries, where later they were declared to be dead.

The Bangladeshi capital, Dhaka, is thought to be the world’s fastest growing city. It already has a population of 15m, and an extra 400,000 people move there every year [BBC]. This has resulted in a huge construction boom and accelerating property prices.

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4 comments on “4 Construction Workers Die In Consequtive Days Falling from Buildings in Dhaka.
  1. Shamsheer Ali says:

    How sad that in an age when so many safety measures and know how are available for construction as well as other workers such tragidies should occur and go unnoticed but by a few who are directly effected. Where are the people who claims to be the representatives and protectors and custodians of the rights of people and how can they fail to accept the fact that they are also responsible..

  2. Ibrahim Sabir says:

    In case the tannery owners do not shift to Hemayerpur will government allow/permit new tannery with Joint venture to set up plant bigger then present tanneries and proved fund for

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