Unrest in Mirpur surrounding wage in a garment subcontracting factory

Unrest among the factory workers of a subcontracting factory in the streets of Mirpur 1 follows on the eve of Eid since the last three days due to unpaid wages, overtime payment and festival bonus.

The owner of SR Corporations Limited, Mirpur 1, allegedly held off paying his employees their deserved wages, overtime payment and Eid bonus. SR Corporations is subcontracted by Doreen Garments, which currently manufactures shirts for leading western brands.

The owner of SR Corporations, Mr. Raihan, had been fleeing his responsibilities since the last three days. Mr. Raihan had terminated the employment of a manager who worked for him. The manager, demanded his payment on termination which was BDT 5,45,808. The owner only paid BDT 35,000 and told him to leave the factory premises.

The manager filed a General Diary at Mirpur Police Station on August 8, 2013, against the injustice committed by the owner.

The police controlled the restless crowd of a 100 workers and took the factory Accountant under their custody.

Workers complain that they have not been paid their basic wage, overtime payment and Eid bonus for the month of July as well as the overtime payment for the month of June. Mid Level Management have not received their overtime payment for the last three months and Eid bonus and wage for the month of July.


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