Duetscher Bundestag Members meet Rana Plaza Victim with RISE Society

The Duetscher Bundestag Members, Ms. Künast and Mr. Kekeritz of the Green Party, met Ms. Zannat who is one of the garment worker victims of Rana Plaza. The meeting was help on 8 July 2013 along with Ms. Tunazzina Iqbal Sahaly and Mr. Kasheful Hoda of RISE Society, Bangladesh.


The meeting focused on increasing National and Global Solidarity in support of the improvement and sustainability of the Bangladeshi Garment Sector, and the importance of creating awareness on its development and progress. The Duetscher Green Party Bundestag Members also had a series of meetings with Bangladeshi Politicians, Trade Unions and other interest groups in discussions that could help them understand and support all the diverse stakeholders involved in what is the most important sector of Bangladesh.

We feel it important to voice our concern and dismay on the news of some brands threatening to move out of Bangladesh, or our markets taking strict action against our trade. It is high time we all understand that solution and success can only come through support and cooperation, not punishment and threats. The garment workers of Bangladesh earn their meal through this sector, and even through the pain and discomfort they have managed to survive. This ray of Hope now needs to be a Door of Hope; this longing for a better life has come through this ray of hope, and the solution to this struggle is not to shut the ray down but rather to help it grow bigger and benefit humanity – as business have always meant to do.

United we will prevail towards smiling workers and self sufficient nations,

In Solidarity and with Justice,

RISE Society.

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