Massive Labor Unrest Surrounding Worker Beating in Hameem Group, Ashulia

At least 50 workers have been severely injured in a factory of Hameem Group at Bipile, Ashulia. The worker’s blocked a highway for an hour before being facing Police baton which eventually dispersed them into small violent groups across the region.

The protest started when a female worker called on to the management demanding a raise in her wages. The furious management severely beat her when surrounding workers gathered to protect their fellow worker and prepared to stage an unrest. Hameen Group declared a shut down immediately. Later, as the workers protested and arranged a demonstration against the beating, local goons attacked them with sticks and injured dozens of workers severely.

These clashes brought out other workers from at least 20 surrounding factories in Ashulia, resulting in the shutdown of those factories and a continued streak of violence across the region. Industrial Police was called out to disperse the agitated workers who demanded an answer from Hameem Group’s management for severely beating up the girl and later allegedly sending in local goons loyal to them to beat the demonstrators up. The Police later started to baton workers as they blockaded the Dhaka-Narayanganj highway.

Several TV Channels arrived recently at the scene, including Channel 71 which is covering the incident right now. The protest is still going on and is predicted to get violent. At least 80 workers have been injured by the goons and Industrial Police, factories remain shut still.

Earlier, on 12 May 2013, a woman worker has been found dead in a ready-made garment factory of the Ha-Meem Group in Savar’s Ashulia area []. Workers feel insecure as they doubt the girl’s case is one of many reported earlier surrounding the factory. In each of these cases the girl found is a female worker of the factory with allegations of the death being an aftermath of rape from a factory official.

Hameem Group is known as one of the compliant factories of Bangladesh.

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