The Orphans of Savar

Around 1200 deaths and 1000 missing are reported over a disaster known as “The Savar Tragedy”, which happened early in the morning of 24 April 2013. A 9 storied building constructed illegally on a land grabbed by a local muscleman collapsed within seconds, with around 4 thousand workers trapped inside it, and tens of thousands of their dependents trapped outside of it.

Apart from the amputated, terminally injured and the traumatized, we have a long term wound which is the greatest challenge for Bangladesh in its coming years. The Orphaned children of the Rana Plaza workers who now have lost their hope of proper meals along with loosing their earning parent. These were the children for whose very survival their mothers and father agreed to go into the jaws of death in a cracked and crumbling building. The owners do not even spare the visibly pregnant, their greed is inspired by those who do not pay regards to the rights of the most important members of the supply chain – those who make the cloth.


Its time the Brands realized that more actions are needed, and an expression of good faith can be signing the Bangladesh Fire and Building Safety Agreement. Garment is sourced cheapest from Bangladesh right now, and it is vital for the country’s economy. However these workers are no less human than the people who will wear their cloths. They do not ask for too much but a safe workplace so that they can return home to their children to buy them some food.

They food they buy is not cornflakes or chocolates. They rarely eat meat or milk. They only look for rice and a little vegetable 3 times a day with their children, and even that is a challenge with the current minimum wage. They need better wages.

These children belong to the workers who are building Bangladesh, the women workers who literally brought the idea of “Women Empowerment” in the rural and working people of Bangladesh where it was thought that women were not capable of being the bread-winner of the family. They deserve better from us, from the manufacturers, the brands, and from us (Bangladeshis) and from you (Consumers of the Brands).

In Solidarity,


RISE Society

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