Deadlines more valuable than a thousand lives – new labels excavated

Can a deadline be more valuable than a thousand lives? The garment owners of the Rana Plaza building tried their best to cling on to their belief that deadlines are indeed more important in the corporate world than human lives are. However, these dead workers and their rotting corpses filling the air with the depressing news of rotting human dignity is creating an army of the awake to burn through this decadent system of oppression.

Below are some more labels found from the site, and beside it lay the dead bodies of those who were stitching it for a few dollars that would eventually not even buy them a full meal 30 days a month.

deaths (2)

Labels from Savar Tragedy Site6

The early news today comes in the form of some steps taken by the BGMEA to inform the victims and give them initial aide. The nearby factories refused to supply with flash lights and support which has appalled the nation, they even tried to force their workers to work and not take part in the rescue effort which has been retaliated by the workers and strikes were held across the nation’s several garments.

Fire broke out today within the Rana Plaza rubble as the administration failed to shut down the gas pipe and electricity which has also caused outrage among the rescuers and the countrymen. The fire has been causing great difficulty for the rescue efforts to continue.

The victims have to buy their own medicines and head for their villages or homes due to the expensive treatment which is not being sanctioned by any of the organizations and even the BGMEA. The rush makes it even more painful.

The dead crosses 300 now according to media, while the injured are in thousands, there is much more to be unearthed yet. We are in touch with the victims, their families, the rescuers, the top officials and with you.

The RISE Society.

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