Labels Unraveled From The Rubbles – Accountability Awaits

As the number of death increase towards a harrowing 250 mark and moves above, the stench of rotting flesh and blood is filling the air, the wailing doesn’t stop and stories of horror are echoing across Bangladesh and throughout the globe. We at RISE Society have been busy in the site and the hospital distrubuting whatever help we can to the rescue effort, while standing beside our brothers and sisters to inform them to hold their identities together AS THEY MUST NOT LOOSE IT among the carnage as sadly often happens – leaving them lost in the aftermath of such tragedies, often even to save a little money from the rich or a load of guilt less for the guilty of such crimes.

Amidst this horror, within the rubble lay the labels of brands which had been getting their fashion outfits manufactured in a factory with cracks developing and 2 illegal stories rising on top. We feel its only fare that some of their labels be displayed to the people who are also their consumers.

While the collection from the rubble is not exhaustive, however they do show the diversity of buyers who had been sourcing from such crumbling towers of torture. We hope they come forward to help the victims within what is their supply chain as well. We hope to see solidarity!

The RISE Society only looks for affirmative actions from all the stake holders in the supply chain. We hope for better auditing by the BGMEA, a better conduct by the manufacturers, and a more inclusive behavior by the leading brands who source from developing countries like Bangladesh at record low prices and closing their eyes on accountability.

The need of the time is accountability and an inclusive approach towards achieving that. Do not think that the messenger needs to be against you only because s/he speaks the truth. The messenger needs to be listened and a consulted. We need to support each other if we wish to see the end of this cycle of death and horror, there is no alternative without unity and solidarity – and the path they can come, we believe, is through awareness coming from total transparency. WE ALL HAVE A RIGHT TO KNOW.

Deadlines are not are critical as lives … the right to a living is a human right we must acknowledge for peace and sustained economic prosperity.

Unity and Justice is the name for the NEXT REVOLUTION.


Labels from Savar Tragedy Site1Labels from Savar Tragedy Site3Labels from Savar Tragedy Site2Labels from Savar Tragedy Site4

Labels from Savar Tragedy Site5








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