More deaths as building with garment factories collapse in Savar, Bangladesh.

“Early in the morning came a thundering sound of …” said Rozina, a garment worker of a nearby factory who witnessed the collapse of “Rana Plaza”, an eight-storied building at ‘Savar’ on the outskirts of capital the Dhaka on the morning of Wednesday 24 April 2013.


At least 6 dead bodies have been recovered from till now, however the casualty figures may rise as several hundred people were feared trapped inside, said a fire service official. The identity of the deceased couldn’t be known immediately.

Three garment factories and several shops are housed from the second to eighth floors of the building. There remained parked several vehicles in its garage on the ground floor during the incident. Officials say that the factory collapsed at around 9:00 AM in the morning. The building was already weak with prominent cracks growing since a long time now, some locals and workers reported. Neglected and illegal building structure is not uncommon as the demand for garment at “dirt money” climbed rapidly and many such factories with deplorable conditions started coming out like mushrooms across the city, most of them being subcontracting factories sharing the manufacturing load of the main sourcing factories of leading brands of the west. “The only idea is to bring out cloth, the human factor is missing, they are considered to be factory oil.”

Army personnel were called in to boost the rescue operation. Local residents and workers of neighboring factories also clawed through piles of rubble in the hunt for survivors, alongside fire service officials, earth-movers and excavators. This disaster is expected to be second only to the Tazreen Factory Inferno on 17 November 2012 – also known as ‘The Tazreen Tragedy’.

Further news will be delivered as we get it.

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