100 fired with salary unpaid in a Japan based apparel manufacturer in Bangladesh

103 workers were forced to quit the Yagi Bangladesh Garments Limited, a Japan based apparel manufacturer, on 23 February, 2012. The 6-storied building in Jamgora, Ashulia, houses more than 2000 workers. The workers in this factory have been suffering harassment for speaking out against bad treatment, and are now jobless and without their rightful salary that they earned already. This incident can be put forward as an explicit example of the negative attitude that owners and managers have towards their workers against the concept of collective bargain and worker’s freedom to association.

A controversy arose that the factory workers issued a complaint against a Production Manager, an Assistant Production Manager, a Supervisor and a Floor In-charge. Allegedly, workers had been suffering since long from their profane behavior at work place which made it impossible for everyone to be able to work harmoniously; thus acted against them.

Factory workers, lead by 103 of their representatives, voiced aloud that they on behalf all other workers demanded the sacking of the four trouble-makers.

Yagi owner, enraged at the workers, retorted that the four accused would stay and the 103 should leave if anything displeased them. The owner clarified that he would pay them their monthly wage in the first week of the coming month and that it would be best if they quit.

On the morning of 24 February, the owner ordered the guards to prevent the ‘marked 103’ from entering the factory premises. He had also filed cases against each of these workers at the local police station on the same day.

Shadhin Bangla Garments Sramik Karmachari Federation and Ganatantrik Biplobi Party looked into the case and addressed the matter to mitigate the dilemma.

Panic-stricken ex-Yagi workers reported that they are being harassed at his residence by the frequent visits of police ever since 23 February 2013. 103 workers, now jobless, frantically seek their wage for the month of March and more importantly, an employment for the future.

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