Fire alarm causes stampede at Designtex Fashions Ltd.

At least 5 workers injured in a stampede as a consequence of fire from a faulty generator in an RMG factory, Designtex limited, in Jirabo, today at 4pm.

Witnesses reported that shouts for help were heard till the sixth storey when the generator’s electric line caught on fire. Workers from all floors rushed down the stairwell toward the main exit.

Guards were instructed by the management to shut the doors and the workers were called back to work informing them that the electric problem had been fixed.

Only 5 minutes after the workers had seated themselves back to work did the cries for fire start yet again. All workers paid no heed to commanding authority that time and fled the building by force.

On their way to the exit the second time, at least 5 workers had been injured. Victims were taken to the Nari o Shishu Hospital.

The faulty generator had been fixed within the next 6 hours after the occurrence. No worker was injured by the fire.

National Garments’ Workers’ Federation (NGWF) representatives accosted the scene this evening.

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