Pioneer Sweater and Kadtex Unrest in Narayanganj

Unrest started with a few dozen sewing operators yesterday, 20 March 2013, in the morning. The agitated workers broke a few glass windows, blocked the highway and protested with angry words against the management due to wage discrimination. The owner responded back and hired local goons to get the workers beaten up.15 male workers ended up injured, making the situation more volatile. Shortly afterwards, the industrial police came to the scene to control the situation..

The tense situation was finally mitigated by the initiatives of the National Garment Workers Federation and the Jatiya Srammik League, which resulted in the confession and apology of the owner. The owner confessed that he didnt pay the workers, and that he caused all the turmoil to blame the workers and eventually close the factory indefinitely.

Previously, another garment factory named Kadtex Garment had an unrest which has continued till date as the owner did not surrender their agenda of delaying payment for workers and paying them low salaries.

But both factories are scheduled to reopen on Saturday. Kadtex is in Fatullah, near Narayanganj while Pioneer Sweater is in Narayanganj.

RISE Society.

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