The International Mother Language Day (21 February 2013).

Bird of the Heart!

Hello friends,

The International Mother Language Day has been observed (and is still being observed) in many parts of the world.

Its the day when we take another look at the important of the language that we speak, and why we need to do more to preserve it. The only way to express our feelings to our heart’s satisfaction is through the language we are most comfortable with – which usually is the Mother tongue of a person.

The International Mother Language Day is observed on 21 February due to the language rights movement of the then East Pakistan (now Bangladesh) in 1952. On this fateful day, young university students protested the then Government of Pakistan against imposing only one national language in a multicultural and multilingual federation, fearing that this would kill Bangla (their mother tongue) and consequentially will result in them loosing their cherished heritage, history and most of all – their identity and very soul.

On the same protest, the police fired live rounds which killed many students in this peaceful protest. Later on 1956 the student unrest forced the then Pakistan Government to accept Bangla as a national language of East Pakistan (now Bangladesh).

In honor for those who fought for their language and saved it from extinction, the UNESCO declared 21 February the International Mother Language Day in the year 1999.

Happy Mother Language Day!!!

The Language We (RISE SOCIETY) Speak Is The Language Of Love

Without Love There Can Be No Freedom – Without Freedom There Can Be No Love

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One comment on “The International Mother Language Day (21 February 2013).
  1. Bill Chapman says:

    I hope that in all the support given to the world’s rich array of languages, the need for a common tongue for us all will not be forgotten. I recommend wider use of Esperanto.

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