Atleast one die and 300 fall ill due to food served

After the factory fire at Smart Fashions, at least 300 RMG workers of a factory at Ashulia industrial belt in Dhaka fell sick after eating foods provided by the authority on Thursday night, police said.

According to a police spokesman, more than 3000 workers were working on overtime at Starling Creation Limited when the authorities distributed to them foods including egg, banana and bread at around 8: 00 pm local time. This food was distributed to these workers as the disbursement of their salaries were being delayed. Internal news suggest that Starling Creation Limited has shortage of money.


Just after eating their light-snacks, a number of workers started losing consciousness and around 300 workers were immediately shifted to Woman and Children Health Complex, Nightingale Medical College Hospital and other hospitals for emergency treatment. One of the workers have been reported dead.

Protesting against the authority providing them with contaminated food, agitated workers went violent and vandalized as many as 50 vehicles passing through the Abdullahpur-Baipile Road and attempted to ransack the factory. Police rushed to the spot charged baton and fired rubber bullets to bring the situation under control.

The incident is being investigated, however the matter seems to have stopped somewhere without much visible progress being made.

The factory has been temprorarily closed, however compensation to the worker, medical aide or payment of delayed salary has not yet materialized/

Sterling like many other manufacturers operate on very low funds which results in peeling out profit on every other cost than the product itself. The chain of disappointment doesn’t end only at the buyer, but we feel that the final consumer must also come forward to ensure the market to belong only to ethical wears.

It is true that Garment unrests, accidents, arson and incidents are common, having an unpleasant frequency and varied magnitude. However, tales of injustice never doest surrender to hoplessness. Awareness is created by the problem which exists, and problems as vaccums are bound to attract minds and hearts to fill this space with solutions and unity.

The RISE Team is keeping a close eye on the patients and how they are being treated, as well as filtering our rumours carefully to be able to have the right information.

The RISE Team.

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