BGMEA probe report on factory fire being repeatedly delayed

The Bangladesh Garments Manufacturers’ and Exporters’ Association (BGMEA) has not updated the electronic media through their pages on Tazreen after December 4, 2012. The very last Fire and Safety Training of the Trainers (TOT) was administered in September, 2012 (as per online publication). No follow-up has been published on the BGMEA web-page regarding the trainings at factory level- ‘to the workers’ themselves.

Bangladesh Garments Manufacturers’ and Exporters’ Association (BGMEA) on Thursday failed to present its probe report for the second time on the devastating fire at Tazreen Fashions factory which on November 24 claimed hundreds of lives and left many more injured. A five-member committee appointed by BGMEA to probe the fire failed to submit its report for the third time now.

The BGMEA was due to turn in the reports following updates on Tazreen on December 29, a third deadline after two previous failed ones. The probe team could not complete the report due to concurring hartals and other demonstrations, stated second vice-president of BGMEA, Siddiqur Rahman.

President of Bangladesh Garment Workers’ Unity Forum (BGWUF), Moshrefa Mishu expressed her concerns on the probe report being published in due time to The Financial Express – Bangladesh.

Inappropriately managed fire alarm systems, absence of close-circuit camera system, ignorance of the management during the time of need in dealing with the collapsible gates and no fire extinguisher usage were reported by the Government probe earlier.

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