7 Bangladeshi RMG factories ablaze in 4 days

An ex-garments worker, and our resource person, shed light on the series of fire catastrophe in the RMG sector from the 24th to the 28th of November, 2012. She reported that she had personally visited the sites to get the actual news.

Our source informed that the fire in Tazreen Fashions, on the 24th of November, was started due to a boiler blast in the factory warehouse at 6:30 pm. When the fire alarm went off, the PM and GM told everybody to stay calm, and that it was simply false alarm. She stressed, “When the newspapers wrote 9 workers were dead, it was already over 100! …the next day when their counts rose to 150, the actual figure was between 150 to 200.”

On the 25th of November, it was caught on tape by CCTV camera how Shumi tried to light a match to spools of thread/yarn at Debonair during lunch hour. Our source reported, “Her husband was abducted two days ago and tortured. They kidnappers called her over phone and demanded she set the factory on fire if she wished to see her husband alive. She would also be paid BDT 20,000 for the attempt…however, I don’t think anybody was hurt though.”

On the day Debonair was ablaze, Babylon Garments was about to suffer the same fate but from a different source. There had been a short circuit inside the factory premises at 5 in the evening. No loss of life or wealth was reported.

Swan Garments Limited, McCoy Sweater Limited and Sir Denim Limited (Swan being on the lowest floor and Sir Denim on the highest floor of the same building) suffered the same fate on the 26th of November. Around 30 workers were injured in McCoy Sweaters Limited and the company mentioned being at a loss for 5-7 million Taka. In Sir Denim Limited there were no workers injured. Swan Garments was ablaze for a gas leakage from the ironing table, which led to a fire in the unit. There were no casualties here either. The fire started at 9:30 in the morning from Swan Garments.

And on the 28th of November, Concord Garments Limited had a short circuit at 8 in the morning inside the factory. As a consequence, a fire started there which could quickly be doused by the workers in the unit. There were no casualties reported.

Source: RISE Team

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